About Modified Maxis
Modified Maxis is a hair palette created by qwertysims over on tumblr! It consists of 7 altered swatches from the vanilla game: brown, blonde, platinum blonde, white, purple, pink, and green. While this palette isn't nearly as popular as the witching hour palette, for example, I feel like this palette fills a gap that was missing with the vanilla hair swatches. I find these swatches close to vanilla yet infinitely more useable compared to their original colors. Here is a link to qwertysims' post about the palette, which also contains the photoshop actions to recolor hair in the palette if you're interested in recoloring in the palette!
All downloads listed here are default replacements unless stated otherwise!
Modified Maxis Directory
8th Nov. 2022 - Initial page has been set up! More to come soon.
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