Modified Maxis Base Game cover image
Modified Maxis: Base Game
This is an updated/remade version of maxiematch’s original version because it was very out of date and the eyebrows were broken. Highlights include a retextured ponytailstraight for adults because the original texture was ugly and a hider for the tragic clown hair. If you happen to still be using maxie’s version and/or my december 2019 update, delete those files because these files will replace them! If you’d like some overlays for these hairs, wms has some great ones!
Download Information
There’s the all-in-one version with everything in one package, a version with ages and facial hair in separate packages, and a .zip file with all the .dds files included.
Because EA will not let this game die and continues to constantly update it, please let me know if any of the download links break when i update these files!
8th Nov. 2022 - Download page set up! I'll get to updating the cc itself when I have interest in Sims 4 again.
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